Monday, May 28, 2012

my soap cupboard

its been a rainy cold weekend up here in Minnesota, so i put some bean soup in my crock pot and have been catching up in the house. this is my soap cupboard.. should of seen Cindy and i hauling it to town on top of my trusty red van. it hung out over the windshield but for 60.00 i knew i wanted to get it home one way or another. mark made shelves for inside and it works perfect for what i needed it for. i have a basket of soap dishes and one with candles, i make tarts too so now am picking warmers up when i see them at sales. i use all this for donations, gifts, to sell, ect... i really could use another for soap and one for supplies!
quiet weekend for me, my boys are both camping, one in MN (Sadie, the beagle is keeping us company) the other is Iowa. Angie and #2 g-babe went fishing. i have had lots of time to think and reflect. we were in the air force for 20 years (mark was, i followed) so today im not only thinking of our lost military but also lost family, friends and my sister joan (48yr) and my husband mark (50yr) 
who both passed almost a year ago...

enjoy your day...              jody


  1. What a great soap stash and yo found the perfect cupboard for it.
    I love being alone once in a while just to hear myself think. I hope that you are having some nicer weather soon but rain is needed for the crops.
    Happy Memorial Day. JB

  2. please blow some cold and rain my way! i am dying in this weather. i HATE hot weather! very cute pup!!!

  3. Awesome cupboard! It looks great filled with all that wonderful soap. I love the little corgi peeking through the plants!

  4. It does make you think of those you've loved that have passed. I'm sorry about your sister and husband both passing. What a terrible loss for you. I love your wonderful cupboard and all of your beautiful soaps! Enjoy your evening, my friend! I always enjoy your visits!

  5. I talked to James today. He's in the Army and I'm a proud mom. Your soap cabinet is terrific. Love how organized everything is. Enjoy your special memories.

  6. Jody ~
    What a wonderful cupboard and you are so organized!!!
    I am so sorry to hear about your hubby and sister. I had no idea. So very young. So very sad.
    Big hugs,

  7. Hi Jody,
    Sending you big hugs and special prayers today. You have endured so much loss but it seems you are always on the bright and positive side! I sure hope we can meet in person one of these days!
    Your cupboard is awesome and a very special one too! One can never have enough of those good old ones for storage! It must smell so wonderful around your place!!!
    Love the family photos! Precious!
    Cathy G

  8. I love your cupboard!

    So hard...,,, the moving forward after the letting go.
    Hugs & bl;essings to you today.

  9. I am thinking of you it has been such a hard year for you.
    I love your cupboard you are very well organized I love the sweet pictures.

  10. Jody, knowing how hard those memories are sometimes and when you least expect it, a memory that makes you smile. You have a wonderful family and friends in your life.
    wishing you well,