Tuesday, May 22, 2012

sister janas...

i had to deliver some soap to janas this morning and thought id share a few pictures... she wasnt home, and i didnt have my glasses but i think they are fine. jana has never been a chicken person...her son nick decided to get some, then went off to school soooo janas careing for them. it started out she would open the door and throw the food in and slam the door! i think now she has bonded with them and even goes in there with out knee high boots! well she maybe still wears the boots...anyway now dad gets a call every so often with chicken/egg reports as well as my dove reports! priceless!
i see jana has been busy planting and getting things ready to be planted. i forgot to add, she doesnt really... like to get dirty! who sister is she??  but she does a great job..!! :) and i think she just doesnt like to admit she likes getting dirty!! i better get out to my garden, get really dirty.. and see what i can get accomplished!

enjoy your day!        jody

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