Monday, June 4, 2012

good monday morning!

i don't think i even turned the computer on all weekend.. it was a nice weekend and i got alot done mainly yesterday in the yard. i spent most the day in what i call the enchanted garden. (around the side of the house) i still need to get some mulch and a little tweaking, i have a couple ideas but need the boys to help with the measuring tape when they are home this month, but now i can sit, enjoy and maybe read a magazine. i am trying to train the vines to stay up along the fence. each year they get a bit farther, eventually they add a good 2 feet in height. Sadie, Jeff/Tonya's beagle has been staying with me for a couple weeks and she kept me company, altho i think i worked her to hard. i did get some new cushions for the chairs and love seat this weekend at a sale, but hate to put them on there for the dogs and their muddy feet. so these are the dog cushions!!...

when the cobblers were here we went thru the wool and treasures, i think i may put the noodles out and take a few pictures and sell them to who ever thinks they can use them so watch for that this week. i know most of you, like me are #8 cut but if there is someone you know that may need them, send them by. i will try get those pictures tomorrow or wed.

enjoy your day all my family, friends and fellow bloggers!    thanx so much for stopping by!


  1. A restful, peaceful space. I love how your garden grows.

  2. Your corner of the yard looks so inviting and the beagle looks like a guest of honor laying in that beautiful chair. Having the computer off for the weekend was a good idea. I should do the same as I'm getyting behind in my yard and garden work. Today is the fiull moon and then I'll plant but we are having some rain in the forcast and it's rather cool. Have a great week. JB