Wednesday, June 20, 2012


its been rainy and cool here the last couple days, so i have been catching up in the house working on some stitching and soap. nothing new to show you so thought i would show a couple pictures going up my back stair case. (id like to pull up the old carpet and paint the steps but have been saying that for years..) i found the green shelf in my parents garage and thought it would be perfect for some of my crocks, i made these game boards many years ago now. the white furniture piece someone was throwing out (can you believe that?) it is perfect at the top of the staircase holding a few treasures. this was the 2nd quilt i made many years ago when we were in japan, i took a class. its a country threads pattern. (its hanging across from my bed room near the front stair case) i have been finally catching up on visiting some of my blogging friends and it sounds like we are all busy, busy with summer! hope all is well and thanx for stopping by my blog!
thoughts and prayers for my friend kathy and husband dallas who lost their home to a fire yesterday..
i try to take one day at a time and some days i go to bed really early... but im still pluggen away, so kathy please try not take on to much each you guys!

enjoy your day....          jody


  1. Hello Jody,more rain here,have to start building that ark soon!!!!. So sorry to hear about your friends loss,just terrible. Love the picture of the stairway,did a wonderful decorating job,great gameboards. Blesings Francine.

  2. Jody, I love how you decorate!
    It is just BEAUTIFUL!

    Summer Blessings,

  3. Hi Jody, I love the clocks! They really jumped out at me. Love all of your things. Sorry about your friends losing their house to fire, such a tragedy. I will keep tham in my prayers.
    Be blessed

  4. I'm so sorry about your friends losing their home. I'll keep them in my prayers!

  5. You find such great stuff. I remember that quilt. I think I even have that book! I can't remember the name of the pediatrician's wife who taught the quilting classes. Good thoughts to your friends. A devastating loss but so happy they are ok.