Sunday, June 10, 2012

rainy sunday

altho i do see the sun trying to peak thru... we need the rain and i actually need the time in the house so im hoping it may rain a bit more. i spent yesterday spreading mulch and planting grass seed. almost caught up, but i think i say that all summer!
i bought these 3 hooked sunflowers at a garage sale for 4.00 so that started me on redoing the shelf... the picture my auntie mary made and gave us for our wedding in 1980, its beautiful and i love it even more these days... and the steiff bear was my grandfathers when he was a young boy, of course i may tweak the shelf a bit more (paint sunflower stands..) but for now it holds lots of treasures! both old and new! (the little box isnt nearly as bright as the picture..)

       here are a couple pictures of the side garden area ...

this area under the upper balcony and where i hang the doves, is outside the breakfast nook. this is where mom and her siblings had their sand box and use to play for hours and grandma probably in the kitchen and grandpa probably here in the den, could listen to their children playing and having fun.

 look really close, you can see that sally girl found a shady spot behind the bleeding heart to rest!       enjoy your day!     jody


  1. Your treasures are so nice and those sunflowers were such a lovely find. The outdoor space looks so relaxing.

  2. Hello Jody, found your blog and must say enjoyed it very much. Love the hooked sunflowers you found at a yard sale, oh my, and the Steiff bear is such a treasure, the shelf looks so great. Wonderful yard also, so relaxing,would like to come sit with you. Blessings Francine.

  3. Jody ~
    Your yard looks wonderful. I hope you will share more!
    How lucky to have your grandfather's Steiff bear!!! Whar a treasure.
    Oh, we so desperately need some rain! Brown in June is NOT good.
    Pug hugs :)

  4. wonderful photos, love what you have been sharing!

  5. wonderful gardends and sweet shelf So glad sally found a shady spot. Spreading mulch is hard work I have been working at it for a month.