Saturday, July 14, 2012

a finished project...

now to finish finish it! but i couldn't wait to show you and hang in in the garden, its still there...
now i just need to back it and bind it. the pattern is an Emily's country cottage called flower patch.
mom and jana had given me the kit for my birthday.

a picture of a few things i got at a sale yesterday. it will probley all go to the shop except the soap dish. it has my father in laws initials so i may send it to him with a piece of soap. the candy? dish is so pretty, i had to show you some of the detail on it. the little mouse i think is for receipts..its really cute but then again i think mice are cute...

yesterday we had 4 generations that went to the movie, ice age 3... mom, me, angie and grandbabe #1, jana and her grandbabe #1. it was his 1st movie with grandma and he really seemed to enjoy it! and the popcorn!

 to my followers and any new followers...dont forget to leave a comment and tell me one of your favorite things you have made and you will be entered in the give away!

                    enjoy your day!                     jody


  1. Your quilt is really gorgeous! It's such a wonderful accomplishment to finish a big project! Fun finds and precious baby! Sounds like you had fun! Thanks for the giveaway, are always so sweet. I made pillow covers for my throw pillows that turned out good. I may make another one today! I like just making the covers...I have so many pillows! Happy weekend!

  2. Jody,
    Wow! Beautiful quilt!! Gorgeous colors! Will you display it on a bed or wall? Looks great in the garden too!!
    Fun to find such neat things..... love the mouse too....
    Hope you keep right on enjoying the weekend!!
    Cathy G

  3. You've been busy! The quilt is amazing! I can tell you are excited about your finds yesterday. Enjoy the week-end!

  4. that's a pretty quilt!
    cute little fellow you have there, and I love the footed dish!

  5. Your quilt is beautiful and would look great on a wall. I love that cute mouse too.
    Congratulations on your 4 generations all going to see a movie together. I love that movie Ice Age and bought for the grandkids. Cute grandkid in the picture.

    It would be difficult for me to name my favorite thing I made because I put my heart and soul in every thing I make but quilts, rugs and cross stitch probably would be all my favorites.

    Have a lovely weekend. JB

  6. What a beautiful quilt! I so admire you quilters. That little candy dish is wonderful!

  7. Love the colors you used in your quilt. It is just beautiful.

    And what a perfect day to have with so much family and love.

  8. Hello Jody, love the flower patch quilt,so pretty. Great goodies you found, like the soapdish. 4 generations wow, glad you had fun at the movies, mmmm popcorn. Blessings Francine.

  9. That quilt is fabulous. Love the potted flowering plants. Favorite things. 1. Blogging 2. Family 3. Water aerobics 4. a good book (see my profile) 5. singing in a church choir 6. our cat, Little Miss Catty 7. my job as a teacher 8. Summer vacation from teaching 9. my car 10. my new floors (refinished maple.)

  10. I love the soap dish--I like antique things like that. My sister has been finding quite a few as she cleans out the attic of our family's centennial house. I don't much care for the old furniture--I like the dishes and I love the primative things we have found in the barns. I can't think of just one favorite thing I have made--so many. Afghans for each child and grandchild. A really great cross stitched picture, done in shades of gray, that looked exactly like my then 4 year old grand daughter--it hangs in her bedroom and--all the poem blessing prayers I have written and then cross stitched for each grandchild's first birthday. They still have them and some of my grandchildren are in their late twenties. Guess those were my favorites because it took creativity of the mind and hands.

  11. Gorgeous quilt. You find the best treasures. The hunt is always such fun but the score is even better.