Tuesday, July 17, 2012

a toasty tuesday...

still hot and humid here, i just finished watering the back lawn and gardens. boy could we use some rain huh? and the rest of the week is suppose to be hotter...i didnt have any finish, finished projects to show you but wanted to check in, so im showing my planter collection. actually i think i have enough to put all green planters in there now... this cupboard sits in my back porch. it was a curb find a few years ago if you can believe it! alls i saw, was wheels and started digging ...

been puttsen (sp)... like the green better, i think...

                      enjoy your day!                jody


  1. Hi Jody, it is HOT here as well. I see your babies are laying down they are very cute. Our poodles are doing the samething today. It is almost 100 here in Hopkinton, Mass.

    I sure do love your picture of your beautiful green cupboard, it is amazing. I wish I had one and I love the way you decorated it too.
    You have a green thumb and a green thumb for decorating too!!!!!
    Stay cool sweet gal.

  2. You found that on the curb?! Oh goodness it's lovely and so are the planters!

  3. What an amazing find! I LOVE that cupboard!

  4. Its still humid here too. Hate that - makes my hair crazy! Love the cupboard!!

  5. Looks like your critters know how to laze around on such a hot day. Abby could join them! You have such fun collections and your cabinet is a real find.