Thursday, September 6, 2012

1st day of a new school year....

must mean fall is here! today its a bit cooler out altho i still have my air on...yesterday i called my #1 grandson and said " are you all ready for your big day" he said " g-ma I'm already for today but not school, my mom and i have told you 10 times i don't have school til tomorrow..." too cute huh? so this am i ran over to see my daughter walk him across the street to the bus stop. and he said " yep, today g-ma!" grand babe #2 started pre school on wed. so i got some pictures on the phone bright and early. such excitement! and my nephews, Ethan started his senior year and AJ, his junior year... so football and hockey here they come!
mom/dad and all made it back from the state fair with lots to tell! today mom/dad left til next week to Illinois to judge at a poultry show there. so i am still on chicken/dove duty!
sister Jana came over yesterday and helped me decide on some soap labels and i worked on it all day not even moving the morning coffee dishes to the sink til 5 pm... sure can spend alot of time on this computer...
anyway just wanted to check in and say hi to all you out there in blog land!! i will be checking in on blogs later today i hope!

is grand babe #2 excited or what! 
janas ( son nicks who moved...) chickens... 

dads chickens... 
dads doves..... 
enjoy your day!                                  jody 


  1. Too cute. It was the first day of school here. All the little ones were skipping down the street this morning :). And I bet some of their parents were skipping through an empty house today LOL

  2. Dearest Jody,

    Your life is filled with wonderful marvels. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family and critters with all of us. Your photos are so great.

    And the beauty of poultry especially the eggs!

    Wanted to talk Uncle Doodles into chickens in the woods, but he's not going there! ha Yep i'm thinking he and Jana share some of the same genes.

  3. Hello Jody, love the pictures of the kids, to cute. Nice Dad`d chickens, the doves are beautiful, my Dad loved Doves. Enjoy your Day, Blessings Francine.

  4. Ahh, first day of school, lovely photos of your grandkids. They are so cute and all look so happy to go to school. The chickens and rooster seem to be behaving and that basket of fresh eggs is awesome. Take good care of you dad's chicken and doves while he gone.


  5. Ohhoooo cute back to school kids.. love the chicks, too.

  6. Oh the grandkids look so cute all ready for school! I love seeing and reading about chickens. I think we're going to try keeping some. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  7. your grandbabies are so cute. I miss those days.