Thursday, September 13, 2012

fall in the garden....

i have been in the went right from summer hot to fall cool, at least in the mornings.  i have been putting some things off like painting on the house because of the hot summer, now its fall... soo thought id get some of the gardens cut down and then concentrate on the next on the to do list! hear are a couple fall garden pictures, my vines are always the first to go...

enjoy your day!                  jody


  1. Morning Jody, yes, the days are high gear into Fall, yey, nights really cool, snuggle under another quilt time, love it. So much work to do in the gardens, your Autumn Joy is so pretty,love the black kitty,great loveseat. Enjoy the day,Francine.

  2. Jody,
    Really feeling the Autumn season upon us here too! Your sedum looks just like mine! LOL!
    Everything there is so lovely..... don't you wish this season would last a little bit longer?!!
    What is your handle on Ebay Jody..... glad you figured out the process..... I have so many things to try and weed out that I never seem to have the energy to begin!!
    Hugs and smiles!
    Cathy G

  3. Just noticed your link on your sidebar..... I'm not fully awake yet I guess! LOL!!

  4. Fall arrived quickly here too. I'm loving it.

  5. Your garden looks great! Fall is sneaking in here too and I'm loving it! The trees are slow to turn in this area.

    I'm off to get some pumpkins! You have a great Thursday!


  6. Hi jodi. Your vines looks great on the fence, why de-vine so early in the season?

    That black long hair kitty is the cat's meow. Soo beautiful.


    1. Julia, the vines are the 1st to die off every year..? Not sure why, and this year they got afids really bad because of the humidity so even worse. Last year they were beautiful colors.. Not this year!

  7. Very pretty! I really like that first picture with the pans on the fence and of course I love the kitty picture!

  8. Sadly one of these mornings there will be frost on the pumpkins - BRR !

  9. Oh what a nice visit in your garden.
    Lovin the cooler temps. Oh happy Fall.
    Beautiful apples and kitty.
    Hugs & JOY

  10. We've been having crisp mornings and warmer afternoons. Perfect for outdoor activities. My tomato vines are finishing the last of the Summer bounty.

  11. Your' garden is pretty...and a lovely home for cat. Lucky cat.