Friday, November 9, 2012

happy birthday grandbabe #1 !!!

yep! 7 years old today! whoo hoo! boy those 7 years have gone fast and he has grown from a beautiful baby boy to a busy little toddler and now to a school boy/hockey player! grandma jody loves you to pieces and to the moon and back!

playing with g-babe #2 
playing in g-mas garden ...
fishing in g-mas pond, soon after this was taken he sliped from the chair into the pond! but g-ma was right there to help him of a few times he took a swim in the pond...

love you hon-bun and hope you are having a great day!!
enjoy your day!              jody


  1. he's a cutie, I hope he has a great day!

  2. Hi Jody....Happy Birthday to Grandbaby #1, what a sweetie, my Mom's 87 birthday also today to, great day.......Enjoy, Blessings Francine,

  3. What a wonderful picture the first one is. Happy birthday to that sweet little boy.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your grandson. He's a handsome young man and he's lucky to have a grandma like you. Great pictures... they grow sooo fast those babies, don't they?

  5. thanks for sharing this special time....what a cute guy...ME