Tuesday, November 13, 2012

show/tell, thrift finds and a bladder infection

gizzy has a bladder infection... im sooo thankful thats all it is and nothing worse!! so im on my way to pick him up at the vet! cant wait. sure missed him last night, had only sadie on my lap, i think she missed him too!
i was reading gayles blog http://themiddlesister.blogspot.com/ the other day and it reminded me of some little quilts i had made years ago and a cathedral window i had started as a wall hanging and kept going...well at the time..i havent really worked on it much for starting it 20 years ago! maybe i will keep it out in eye site. its funny how the fabrics kind of date things..
All of a sudden im having problems trying to put pictures on my blog so am now on my phone.
Gheez...and i dont know why the pictures are so blurry when posted from my phone?
I guess i was into hearts back then.. More of a star person now.


And here are a couple thrift shop finds...i love vintage christmas and will keep these! Santa salt shaker .50, santa magnet 1.00

I think angie wants the plate holder 6.99, ill probably keep the 1.00 basket...
Soo cute! Napkin/ s&p holder .75!
And jeff holding gizzy!!
Enjoy your day!         jody
 Next post.. Jana finished her tree skirt!!


  1. Hi Jody ,so sorry that Gizzy has not been feeling well.Hopefully now that you know what is wrong he will heal fast.Love the quilts and thrift finds.Hugs,Jen

  2. Sorry about Gizzy having problems. Hope he will feel better real soon.

    I love seeing your old quilts and the Cathedral window is very interesting how it's made.

    The one that caught my eyes is the small Geisha girl pattern. My sister in law has been looking without success for what I think is the same pattern for years and hasn't been able to find it I'm pretty sure that this is it by the way she was describing and I too looked for it for her. Do you know what the pattern is called?

  3. Yes, our quilts definitely date us by the fabric! I still love hearts. So very happy your dear kitty is ok.

  4. Love that Cathedral Window! And love those fabrics! Keep it out like you said and do a block or two a week. I bet you will have it done in no time!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Jody, oh love quilts so, wonderful, also sweet vintage finds, so much fun to go Thrifting........Gizzy looks mad, cute Kitty though, what a face.......Blessings Francine.

  6. Hey Jody - You're right! My Orange Peel DOES look a lot like your Cathedral Windows - but I think mine was a bit less labor intensive to make! Twnety years huh? I think it's time to get that baby finished! LOL Great finds at the thrift store!

  7. Hi Jody...I'm so glad Gizzy is going to be better. Our 'Baby' had bladder infection 2 weeks ago - I felt so bad for her but the shot and then the 10 days of antibiotics knocked it righ out of her.

    Wow...what great quilts - the last one is fantastic!

    Love your thrift store finds...


  8. Thanks Jodi but I'll just will send her the picture from your blog and if it's the pattern, I'm sure that she can easily reproduce it if it the pattern she was looking for.
    I don't want you to go into the trouble of sending the pattern unless she would absolutely need it.
    Thanks so much for your rep[ly.

  9. I so hate when my furry kids get sick ANd I also hate the vet's bill. i love the quilts!!!