Sunday, December 30, 2012

after the christmas rush..

and we are slowing down a bit...
the kittys are getting comfortable in the sunshine of the den window and i am putting some Christmas things away.. its been so cold here. like 0 degrees, not much snow tho like others are getting. i have a few pictures to share..

sadie is visiting a few more days and says.... i know there is a kitty somewhere....

cindy girl really doesn't like the dogs... so tends to pretend shes not around..

Frisco is so cute when shes sleeping!

in the back porch...

enjoy your day!           jody

**** belated HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to mom and dad (54 years), Jason and Jessica (4 years) and cousin Ryan and Jessica (11) all on DEC. 27th a great day!!****


  1. Happy anniversary to one and all!
    Cute kitty pics :)
    Happy New Year.
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Sweet kitties and doggy pictures! Happy New Year!

  3. Love the cute kitty pictures,so sweet.......Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad, birthday wishes to to loved ones.....Wishing you a Happy New Year, Francine.

  4. I love your pictures of your furbabies, and my husband's Birthday is also Dec.27th, it is a GREAT day!
    Happy Birthday to all of them and Happy Anniversary to your parents, how wonderful to be married for 54 years!!!!!

    Have a Happy New Year,

  5. happy anniversary to all. We have had the snow 2 storms since Christmas. So enough for the year for me.
    Happy anniversary to everyone.

  6. Happy Anniversary to all the gang. Wow, all on the same day, one big party with everyone together, that's cool.
    The kitties are all adorable all snug in their beds.

    We have snow to spare and then some. Every year we wish for snow for Christmas. We really got it this year.
    I'll be taking down my Christmas decorations after Epiphany at the same time the church takes their decorations down if I can find the time. I have a lot to put away.

  7. Wow! December 27 is really an important day! We have twin daughters who celebrated their 38th birthday on December 23!

    Cute kitty pictures. Do they really believe they have hidden from the dog?:-)

  8. I love the photos of your cats and visitors.....especially the ones with the red coveralls! I had never had much to do with cts but having my daughter's cat to stay for a few months was an eye opener!
    Happy anniversary to all those you mentioned...especially your parents!

  9. WOW--you HAVE been busy. I have christmas put away, a clean house and now--contemplating what major project I want to start to get me through the rest of the cold, dreary winter months.

  10. Your kitties know how to live a charmed life. Snuggle in a basket and snooze! So cute. Happy Anniversary to everyone and a very happy new year to you!

  11. your kitties are so cute! teddy would eat them! happy new year!

  12. Hi Jody,
    Oh I love your adorable kitties - they look so snuggly.
    Thanks for visiting my blog - always love seeing you there.

  13. Hello Jody! The animals are adorable! My Max isn't liking the snow at all and has resorted to sleeping more than usual. Also a Happy Annoversary to all those you mentioned and on the same day...very neat!