Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Quilts...

ok i can finally share! the cobblers tied these quilts for my girls the last of november. so i have been busy binding and prim stitching around the star. but... got them done!

thanx sister jana for getting that middle one.....

 enjoy your day!      jody

*** the cobblestone cobbler christmas party is here, tonight!!***
 lots of food, fun and home made gifts!!


  1. those are just beautiful Jody, hope you have a wonderful day. so great you have helping hands that bless you & your family!

  2. how lucky for you to have women in your life that are excited about your quilts. their expessions of love are a beautiful reflection of how much they love you!!

  3. What a wonderful christmas gift.

  4. Very pretty. Is there anything better than snuggling under a quilt made with love?