Friday, December 28, 2012

cobblestone-corner christmas...

the cobblers were here and once again it was food, fun and lots of laughter, oh and gifts!! here are some pictures from the night!

Carol P brought me this Tasha Tudor book!! never can have too many of these!

the girls plus cousin Karen (Beths sister) and SIL Sharon 

i had sister Janas name in our family drawing so bought this from Carol F for her.. 

Carol P and Jana exchanged gifts earlier and carol made Jana this rosary..   

Carol P also made this quilt for Jana, using mostly Kansas trouble fabric.. 

sister Jana got carol p these larger stork scissors out at timeless treasures, we both wanted to keep them... 

cousin Beth, our long distant cobbler! comes from California.. (auntie pats daughter) 

Jana and carol showing off Marys pot holder and tortilla/potato warmer for in the microwave 

she made mine in animal appropriate huh? 

the cobblers! 

a few more gifts.. 

carol f brought this to me for hosting another year!! reminds me of japan and the cherry blossoms... 

i bought this for myself while shoppen for Jana...from Carol F. click and enlarge.. 

enjoy your Friday!           Jody


  1. Hi Jody, I'm now playing catch up with blogs i missed over Christmas. I got my computer working normal today. I'm so happy.

    I love all the beautiful homemade gifts that you are showing us. You girls sure know your way around the needles and threads. Beautiful works.

    Wishing you all a joyous and healthy new year.

  2. What a wonderful time you had! It is easy to tell by the pictures and your writing. The gifts are lovely!

  3. Wonderful family pictures, so much fun......glad you enjoyed Jody, Lovely gifts......Francine.

  4. wow, seems like you are always having fun, I love all the great gifts!

  5. you are such a wonderful and creative group. It always looks like you have such wonderful time.

  6. Lots of great goodies,fun times and wonderful memories!Hugs,Jen