Wednesday, December 12, 2012

cookies...and santa

i happened to stop over mom and dads, here they were making cookies and werent even going to call and tell me!! mom knew i would take pictures and didnt have her hair fixed!! too funny! sooo i took some pictures!!  here also are a couple more of my christmas decorating... and grand babe!

auntie mary made this orni for mark and i in 85, our 5th christmas together
cant believe i havent (knock on wood) broken it... now its more special than ever.

grandbabe #2 doesnt really know what to think....
moms in charge of rolling and cutting. they have to be thin and just right!

dads in charge of the decorating...he likes the red hots so every once in awhile
he sneaks a bunch on..

dads thinking hey! thats my job! are you taking off the red hots?!

enjoy your day!!!             jody


  1. cute jody, how sweet making cookies together. that's a very special ornament! hugs on that one!

    love your grands expression!

    amazing mug collection!

  2. How nice to have both your parents making Christmas cookies together as a team.
    Oh my, I never saw so many santa mugs all together like that. Really Christmasy.

    Thanks for sharing a piece of your family life with us.

  3. Great pics.So wonderful to see both of your parents making cookies.Sweet little grand too.Hugs,Jen

  4. Awwww Jody...what a special post.
    I love the Tom & Jerry set your parents have...that's a huge set!
    Beautiful ornament to treasure - looks vintage.
    Isn't it wonderful that mom and dad enjoy doing these things together??? I loooove seeing it.


  5. Oh, so fun! Show us what they look like when they are done please! That pic of your dad is so cute! Love your Santa mugs!

  6. What a fun and impressive Santa mug collection. I have mine from childhood and my kids each have one as well.