Thursday, November 29, 2012

the cobblers got together....

and we had lots of pizza, laughs and fun!.. here are a few pictures from our night at sister jana's!

here we are, amazed at how far are non quilting friend has come! we love it carol p!!

on the frame ready to be tied.

CUTE! and great stitching around EVERYTHING!

wonderful and soft! backing.

carol p has been working on some hexagons so carol f found this vintage apron and had to buy it for her.. love all the fabrics and stitching.

 we are trying to figure out just what auntie pat wants to do with her wall hanging using our christmas blocks we exchanged a few years ago... i still having finished my quilt ... but seeing everyones gives me inspiration at least... auntie wanted it reversible soo we lined everything up perfectly and got it done!

auntie pat and auntie mary... auntie pat is the queen of tieing quilts and she always keeps us laughing weather she knows it or not! 

love each and everyone of these blocks!

this is the block i made for the cobblers..
and now its time for this!!

enjoy your day and thanx so much for stopping by my blog!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

busy hands...

adorable faces...
but my hair is messy mom...

i will just lay here and watch you for a bit, oh wait i think i will nap for a bit!
enjoy your day!               jody

Monday, November 26, 2012

all the way from Okinawa...

my friend whom i met while in rapid city about 16 yrs ago has been in Okinawa since then and sends me surprises in the mail a little to often if i may say sooo! anyway here are the latest treasures!! thank you sooo much Mary Eva! love you!
basket and greenery
these glass balls will look great in a basket or wood bowl...
love the green crackled ginger jar...
great little reminders of japan! will be great in a glass jar next to the chop stick holders! 
enjoy your day!              jody

Friday, November 23, 2012


i had some time and thought i would cut up some wool finds that were piling up...i found my self dreaming of future projects and i even had alittle help.

i went to make some tea and found this when i came back...

Gizzy is feeling much better and starting to show his age...getting a some grey hairs like mommy!

it was a great turkey day!
Happy 28th anniversary sister Jana and husband Steve! love you!
enjoy your evening!!        jody

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

great couple, great friends.. great fur babes

Mat and Katie have been great friends to Jason and Jess... to all of us... They are just here when we need them to be and we don't even need to ask. They have a beautiful baby girl now, and they love to share her with all of us!

jason holding matt and katies new babe..
i had asked for a family picture, should have known...
daughter in law, jessica holding the new babe!

great pictures...

and she has 2 (spoiled) fur babe siblings...

we love you guys!
yes g-ma lauren at has a great site but can we please get over to.......  and see whats up with all the animals!
happy thanxgiving days and enjoy!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

whoo hoo! a graduation!!

Friday morning, Angela, g-babe #1 and i headed down to Minneapolis (5 hr drive give or take) we had a long awaited graduation to attend! marks sister Cynthia flew in from Denver, Jeff/Tonya, Jana/Steve, their son who is going to the same chiropractic school down there.. Luke/Heidi and Matt/Katie and babe + Jason's graduating friends and family, Jessie's family.. all like in the same hotel, wow! what a wonderful emotional proud night! so now they are finely ....                                

Dr. and Mrs. Jason Menge!!

Granite City flat bread pizza... 
are we there yet?...
what can we eat now....
mom and dad took care of the fur babies with frisco supervising! thanx soo much!
enjoy your night!!        jody
i may not be commenting as much as i'd like, but will try to keep up reading and posting.... i need to get busy here on a few things!! thanx so much for stopping by my blog!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

janas show/tell and an anniversary

sister jana took this class here at the quilt shop for a paper pieced tree skirt and its finished and at the quilters already! when she gets it back i will get a picture...

today is a special day.... it would have been our 32nd anniversary. happy anniversary to my man watchen over us....we love you always
enjoy your day!                      jody

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

show/tell, thrift finds and a bladder infection

gizzy has a bladder infection... im sooo thankful thats all it is and nothing worse!! so im on my way to pick him up at the vet! cant wait. sure missed him last night, had only sadie on my lap, i think she missed him too!
i was reading gayles blog the other day and it reminded me of some little quilts i had made years ago and a cathedral window i had started as a wall hanging and kept going...well at the time..i havent really worked on it much for starting it 20 years ago! maybe i will keep it out in eye site. its funny how the fabrics kind of date things..
All of a sudden im having problems trying to put pictures on my blog so am now on my phone.
Gheez...and i dont know why the pictures are so blurry when posted from my phone?
I guess i was into hearts back then.. More of a star person now.


And here are a couple thrift shop finds...i love vintage christmas and will keep these! Santa salt shaker .50, santa magnet 1.00

I think angie wants the plate holder 6.99, ill probably keep the 1.00 basket...
Soo cute! Napkin/ s&p holder .75!
And jeff holding gizzy!!
Enjoy your day!         jody
 Next post.. Jana finished her tree skirt!!