Monday, January 21, 2013

busy, fun & angies show/tell

the kids were all home so it was a busy weekend! i got lots of cooking in, even tryed a couple new recipes..
 I'm still trying to figure out the problems I'm having with putting pictures on here... but working on it with a cup of coffee/pot!  here are a few pictures from the weekend
daughter Angela made this quilt for a friend using a jelly roll, she put that minky fabric on the back and had it machine quilted with an owl motif, it turned out wonderful!! so proud of my baby doll, never ever thought she'd be sewing!!
happy birthday grand baby #2
a big 5 years old today! he requested root beer floats!
grand babe #1 gave him the game sorry soo they got in a few games!
with Jeff and Tonya's help.
both grand babes are on the road to recovery from strep throat..both have colds now tho..
DIL Jessica, Matt/Katie's babe and Katie....
could baby be any cuter??
Jessica's mom makes these cute little hats and i think babe will have one for each outfit!
enjoy your day my blogging friends and family!!               Jody


  1. that quilt is just fabulous, so great for her, love the owls! your family is just beautiful, hope the kids are all well soon! love the cute little hat, just so adorable. hope you have a great week!

  2. What a cute little model. I love her new hat. What a smart mom to create such a cute hat.
    Happy Birthday to your grand babe #1. wishing them both a quick recovery from colds and strep-throats.

    Oh I love the owl quilting pattern, never saw anything so cute for kids.


  3. What a beautiful quilt, so pretty.....Mmmmm rootbeer float, have not had one of those in forever.....Such a sweetie pie in that cute hat, adorable, Hugs Francine.

  4. It is hard on everyone when the little ones aren't feeling well! It sounds like you were able to have a good week-end anyway!

  5. Your kids and grands are all so cute and happy! Love that pretty quilt, too!

  6. Wonderfuly family, Jody! Happy birthday to your grandson! Root beer floats...yummy!