Monday, January 7, 2013

Remember when...

We use to play with paper dolls? My friend shelly and her grandmother made a few of these together..and i was fortunate enough to get one a few years ago.

Im waiting for a new cord for my phone and cant transfer pictures right now so pictures will be blurry..
Grand babe # 1 has strep throat :( Angela's out picking up meds so will be on the road to recovery soon!

Enjoy your day!! Jody

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  1. Oh how sweet, yes, remember when........Blessings Francine.

  2. I remember playing with paper dolls too. I had so much fun with my imagination. Many years ago I made some small dolls similar to that from some patterns in a magazine when my daughters were small. One of my daughter still had that doll a while back. I wonder if she kept it. What a neat little case.

    Sorry about your grandkid having a strep throat. It seems to be going around. Hope that your grandkid soon will feel all better.

    Have a real good day.

  3. I remember paper dolls, and exchanging "clothes" with friends. It was all good until someone ripped the tabs off. Lol

  4. Oh, yes! I remember paper dolls, but mine were never as nice looking as these!

    Strep throat is absolutely NO FUN! Sending along good thoughts for a quick recovery for that grandbaby!

  5. My granddaughter framed vintage paper dolls of my great granddaughters room. They look so good. I loved paper doll growing up.

  6. Love love them! You need some granddaughters!