Saturday, March 23, 2013

my kittys... and a blog give away!

Saturday today.. the sun is shining! yesterday i thought boy its nice, took my jacket off for my short road trip to get Sadie girl, also noticed water dripping from the icicles.. i looked at the temp in the car and it said 16 above! its been to cold for to long if 16 feels warm!
i wanted to share a couple pictures of my kittys... in the almost 16 years i have had them. this is like the 2nd time i have seen them this close. Gizzy the brother is the cuddler and loves his sisters, but his sisters really like to be left alone and just looked at.. especially Cindy girl.. anyway i grabbed my phone and even got a video!
also wanted to share a give away from Margie over at HUNGRY HOOK PRIMITIVES! But you need to hurry she is drawing winners on monday! she has a wonderful blog and is having a great give away sooo go enter and let her know i sent you!! just click on her pictures on my side bar!

    Gizzy saying... hey Frisco since you are laying in my bed
            let me fix your hair....

There... i think it looks great! what do you think? 
I dont know Gizzy, its kinda in my eye...
Well Frisco, i like it!
Cindy girls saying, OH HECK NO! your not doing my hair!!
Sadie girl wasn't sure she wanted to leave daddy Jeff behind,
but i told her i had her beds and a nice soup bone all ready for her... 
enjoy your weekend my blogging friends!


  1. Your pets are so pampered.
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Lol, cute post Jody, sweet kitties and Sadie is adorable!

  3. cute fur babies, what expressions!

  4. Hey Jody, beautiful kitty's you have, love those faces......Sadie is a sweetie too, Francine.

  5. Hi Jody, I loved seeing your fur babies.
    Just looking at them I want to cuddle up with them!
    Have a wonderful night.

  6. Jody your kitties always make me smile!They are just so adorable.Sadie looks to be a tad spoiled,but then isn't that what is supposed to happen.Sweet pets!Hugs,Jen

  7. Sweet pics! Those fur babies can really steal your heart .
    Hugs :)