Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday..

i am awake at a wee hour in the morning..actually been up for a bit. house is dark, cozy and quiet. coffee is in the peculator. its been a few days so thought id wish you a nice, peaceful Easter Sunday.

playing with g-mas treasures... 

fun to all be together... 
playing in my drive way.. 
while the guys worked on papa marks boat.
they must think its spring?

i woke to this wonderful picture of my babes..
i slept right through the Easter egg dyeing,
hope someone took
lots of pictures! 
enjoy your day!                jody


  1. Morning, enjoy this glorious day, Easter Blessings Francine.

  2. happy easter jody! i can't believe how much snow you still have! looks like you have lots of easter helpers! have a great day! jpyce

  3. Great pics, Jody!
    My do you have a lot of snow!!!
    Happy Easter :)

  4. We too had an awesome family time. We are just so blessed to have family bonds. my crew is already gone. But the memories have left us smiling. Your family is so photogenic as hansom as they are wonderful!
    blessed Easter Jody girl!!!

  5. Hope y'all had a wonderful Easter!

  6. Great looking bunch! Such wonderful treasures you have....boy that is a LOT of snow! Hope your Easter was filled with lots of fun.