Friday, March 8, 2013

finished soap! and a road trip!

thought id show you the finished soap! geez, i went ahead and ordered lots more oils and did order a new one to try its called Pepper hopefully its something different that i have available. i think it leans to the sandalwood/dragon blood scents... i spent time going over which soaps i want to keep making and revamping a bit. but of course having some trouble with the program i list them in so daughter Angela said shed check it out this weekend for me while she is checking in on my fur babes..anyway, I'm going on a road trip!!   I'm going to see Jason and Jessica! in Duluth. (4 hr drive) i love the drive. kinda back roads and lots of hills, trees and wild life. of course I'm making time to stop and do some thrift shoppen in Grand Rapids!!

Jasmine swirl 
Sweet Orange
enjoy your weekend!                Jody


  1. It looks so pretty all atacked up there. Have a nice trip and drive safe!

  2. Hi Jody, your soap looks so tempting. They look so lovely.
    Enjoy your trip and be safe.

  3. Hi Jody, love your homemade soap, looks so beautiful.....way to go!!!!!! Enjoy your road trip, hope you find lots of goodies too, Blessings Francine.

  4. have a great trip!
    it all looks so great, love the colors & the names

  5. Have fun and that sweet orange sounds delightful