Thursday, March 7, 2013

Soap making day..

yesterday i made 6 batches of soap, 2-lavender/oatmeal, 1-jasmine and 3 sweet orange. i really wanted to make 6 of the lavender oatmeal but didn't have enough essential oils soo will be going thru my oils and ordering more today. I'm usually a bit more any way thought id share some pictures.

soaps after pouring in molds...
covered under blankets so it can do its thing! it was hard to not peek to much!
i will uncover this morning in a while...always fun to see the finished soap!!
Gizzy and Emma enjoying the sun..

this horned owl was in our paper, some cross country skiers came
across him stuck. so called 911 and others. they got him down and could hear
his mate calling in the back ground. sounds like he should be ok with maybe a strained wing..
beautiful huh? they were keeping it over night and releasing it im sure in the same area
this morning sometime.

enjoy your day!       jody


  1. The joy of homemade soap! Thank goodness for the skiers finding and getting help for the owl.

  2. The soap looks so pretty in the molds. I bet it smells lovely :)
    I'm glad the owl story had a happy ending. Poor thing must have been so scared.

  3. Pretty soaps! Do you sell it somewhere?

    Hopefully the owl will be able to locate his mate again.

  4. Oh the orange sounds wonderful.I've been on a orange smelly stuff kick lately I think it reminds me of summer or they saved the owl he is just beautiful.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  5. Hi Jody, your soaps look so pretty, bet they smell wonderful too.......That is a great Owl story, sure hope it's o.k.......Have a wonderful weekend, Francine.

  6. I have always wanted to try soap making, around here you can not buy the lye anywhere, yours looks fabulous, i love the blanket photo, and the furries in the sun. so happy the owl was rescued! I really enjoy your blog, you seem to have a lot of fun! thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Your soap is so intriguing and I know that they smell so wonderful, especially the lavender one, my favorite...

    I'm glad that the big owl got rescued, poor thing.

  8. I love my soap! I sure would love to be there so I could learn how to do this. Gosh Jody, how long have you been making soap? Seems like you did in Japan or did I dream that? Love ya, Pam

  9. i really want to learn how to make soap. is it very hard?