Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday catch up...

actually it will be tuesday catch up as i have been gone all day..
Cindy girlfriend and i had a good time at the sale we went to, didnt spend to much money and found a few treasures. I was out at the Timeless Treasures at 6:30 this am.. adding a few things here and there, as i was going out of town and Cindy opened at 10:00 for the season! hopefully it will be a good, busy summer!
if you can believe it i notices snow piles still today but i think it was close to 60 out, so they wont be around much longer. the big thing now for some is, will the ice be off the lakes on the 15th for opening fishing...

8:30 am and time for a break!
taco in a bag for breakfast!

 can we come outside too mom...

do you have to bug me while im sleeping...

your shirt is so comfy mom....
do we have to get our haircuts tomorrow?
id rather just lay here...

so nice to be outside...
do you have to cut my nails mom?

boy blogger is giving me problems again and also instagram on my phone, must be time to give up technology for the night...

enjoy your evening!                       jody


  1. I hope that you are having a good selling season at Timeless treasures.
    Your pets will feel so much better after grooming, especially the long hair ones.

    Hope that sun shine bright enough to melt all that snow and that you get some good weather.

  2. Hi Jody, should be fun selling.......alive all the fur babies, mine needs a good grooming, next week....blogger can sure be a pain, giving me problems too....Blessings Francine.

  3. Good luck on your selling season! Sweet Sweet

  4. I had to install Google Chrome on my 'puter so that blogger works better. Looks like fun you are having--good luck with your selling season. Love your furry kids!!