Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Morning Hello

This will be a picture heavy post was a great last few days, busy with family and friends. so nothing productive craft wise to show you.. my soap is all over the living room waiting to be packaged.. its a dreary sprinkly day so maybe today i will get to the soap...
the most exciting thing is...... whoo hooo i got this text from Jeffs Tonya!!!
Jeff and Grandbabe #2 asked it she legally wanted to be part of their lil family!!
i asked her what she said and it was a BIG YES!!

i know he wont be wearing his cap for his wedding!
Jeff said the date is up to her!! whooo hooo! 
congratulations! Tonyas been a wonderful addition to the family!! 

Sister Jana, Carol P and I hit the Garden store in town which was
my family's store. Mom/Dad sold it about 7 years ago. A friend bought it
and also has a floral shop in a nearby town. Mom found a mothers day planter on
her porch from her.. Dawn never misses a beat and has lots of energy!
Dawns a curb shopper like me and is a great decorator. 
Cindy girlfriend and I went to 2 church sales sat and had a blast..
then her sister Janie called and said there was a white dresser on the curb
down by her house...sooo off we go before even unloading from our sales..
when we got there the gal said we have a house full of stuff  we are putting out on the curb so
if you want to look... sooooo we put out the call for help!
we ended up with 3 truck loads!! Fun!!

Mom, Dad and 2 of their 11 Grandsons and 1 of their 3 great grands....
Daughter Angie is the only Girl so far!
Enjoy your day!          Jody



  1. Awesome blog hearing happy, happy news and great pictures to go with! Love you, Jo!

  2. Wow, talk about a cheerful day you had and also your lucky day to get free offerings.
    Congratulation to the couple on their engagement.

    Now maybe you can get to wapping and labelling the soap for market.
    Have a nice week.

  3. Busy and fun weekend! Don't you just love it when you get first pick at junk! Congrats to Jeff and Tonya.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. Oh my! Someone needs to put good junk on the curb near me!!!!! Woah!!!! CONGRATS to Jeff and Tonya! I love their smiles! And the ring is beautiful!!!!


  5. wow that is quite the hall!!!! congrats to your son. you are always so busy.

  6. Great news of Jeff and Tonya!! Seems the little boy agrees.

  7. What a wonderful time and such great treasures.
    Woolie JOY

  8. Yeah for Jeff & Tonya :)
    Three truckloads! What a haul.
    Hugs :)