Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tasha Tudor Day...

i had great expectations of playing in the yard from 8am-10am then coming in and working on soap for the shop, for a couple hours and then ebay stuff...but then i walked over to chat with mom/dad and its already 10:30am! Sister Jana did stop by and so i put her to work helping me move a couple big things in the yard. we couldn't find a 6 foot wood lounger that my grandfather made years ago anywhere...thought we were loosing our minds or at least mine..after she left i found it in the rafters of the my helpful boys musta put it up there will have to stay there til they come home. Anyway I'm a bit off my schedule but am still heading outside for a bit to play and get lots of Tasha Tudor PEACE AND JOY, then will get busy...

Cindy girl has found a comfy warm place in my wool and fabric...

 kittys got their summer hair cut yesterday!

Frisco is helping me with my blog altho i think is sneaking some napping in..

i made flounder with a lemon/caper sauce last night... i don't think
i have really had flounder before and found it kinda tasteless.. does anyone
have a good recipe for it. or is it kinda tasteless? i have more..

the moose was escorted out of town a couple miles but has found his
way back... i wish he would leave and find some friends before
other measures are taken... a couple kids i guess walked up and petted it....
which is not a good thing...

Enjoy your day and i will soon stop by to visit my blogging friends! i miss reading what you are all up too!! thanx so much for stopping by!!        jody


  1. i love flounder! those kitties are soooo cute!

  2. Hi Jody, never had Flounder, but love fish.....Ahhh, the kittiy's are so sweet.....Glad you found your Grandfather wooden lounge, sounds nice......Sure hope the Moose will be ok, B lessings Francine.

  3. We love flounder here. I bake it in the oven with lemon slices on top of each filet, and wrap the individual pieces in parchment paper. Oh, a sprinkle of paprika, sometimes. Of course, my very favorite way to enjoy it is to dredge it in cornmeal and fry it in the skillet, but we try to do as little of that as possible these days. We try to have fish rather often - at least twice a week.

  4. a great post, I love Tasha Tudor!
    hope the moose makes a clean get away, no place to be inside the town!

  5. Love Tasha Tudor--my kind of woman!! This spring weather has me outside, doing more then I have in four years--a bit too much probably as the back and hips protest, but a few minutes resting in the chair with feet up and I am ready to go again. A true miracle--getting both my hips replaced--now I can LIVE again!!! My two furry babies are the joy of my life!

  6. I love flounder and it's very tasty. Fish looses it 's flavor quickly so it always taste better fresh.

    It must be nap time for the kitties. I imagine that it feels nice getting rid of the excess hair in the heat.

    I'll take Tasha Tudor over the moose on the loose. I hope that the moose will move into the forest and stay there. They can be dangerous and a nuisance to have in the neighbourhood.

    Have a great rest of the week.

  7. Oh my....we just don't have moose around that was interesting to me! I can't imagine one just wandering into a neighborhood. Guess they do, like deer though.

    I love Tasha Tudor too! She had such an appreciation for nature!


  8. I actually met Tasha Tudor at a Garden show. Wow what a women she gave her lecture barefoot.We were in the front row and she was so clever and funny!!! She was wonderful.
    She even took the time to talk with us afterward.