Friday, June 28, 2013

Cobblers day..

at Auntie Marys!

settling in...

 uncle Doodles and his newest creation,
 adds a breeze and fights the mosquitoes.. too funny!

 pictures around Marys comfy home..

 sister Jana showing off! and i thought id beat her finishing this.. she says she didnt know we were in a race! ya right! i told her she just had nothing else to do!
 Mary had made some gardeners soap.. really nice! i need some Auntie!!

auntie Marys fairy garden..

 our pontoon driver!
 some fun in the sun with lots to munch on(thanx Jana!)... and drink!(thanx Carol, Carol and Mary!)

 well your back in one piece...

supper time! yum it was wonderful Auntie Mary! she also made a 
yummy fruit compote over ice cream for desert! and Carol made
a great spinach salad.. i made sushi. so we had lots to eat like always!

it was a wonderful day! Love these guys! thanx Auntie Mary!

enjoy your day!!           jody


  1. you guys sure know how to have fun!

  2. I agree, that you girls sure are great at having fun. What a beautiful home and Love that she can display her beautiful quilts on the banisters. Beautiful stonework.

    I love the creativity to hang a fan to cool off and keep the mosquitos from landing. Is it one that he can take down and unplug it to bring it inside when it rains?

    Have a lovely weekend Jodi.

  3. great photos!
    love Uncle's project. I need 2 or 3 of those!
    their house is amazing, love the quilts and esp. the cupboard full of old bowls!
    hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Oh Jody, what fun you are all having, and love the sweet home of Aunt Mary's, really cozy....Blessings Francine.

  5. How much fun this must have been! Enjoy the coming week-end!

  6. jody,

    sweet girl! thank you for capturing our fun day at the lake. i think the cobblers need to make this and annual event. such kind comments from your blogging friends. all of them are invited to the woods anytime!

  7. What a gorgeous home AND on the water? Pure bliss. I love the old bowls in the cupboard and the enamel ware up on the shelf. Such a comfortable and inviting place to spend a day!

  8. What a great day you had. Would have loved to be on the water!

  9. Oh my Jody....I wish I had been there! All looks like so much fun and relaxing on the fun.

  10. I love to read and "see" people having fun! Also, your aunt's house is really beautiful; she has a knack for decorating. Love the quilts. ;)

  11. Oh how I wish we lived closer to each other....I came across the basket you made me the other day. I was changing out baskets in the bathrooms and picked up yours and closed my eyes and saw your sweet smiling eyes! Been so busy have not had much time to do anything fun. Much Love, Pam