Monday, June 24, 2013

Good thoughts for the Katie the moose!

Hopefully all goes well for KATIE the moose.....we sure have enjoyed her but unfortunately there are those who think shes like a pet and shes the city really had no choice...

Crookston   —  
Crookston's unofficial moose mascot could be spending its final day in and around town.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources personnel, working with the Crookston Police Department, are in Crookston Monday to locate the moose and, if things go as everyone hopes, tranquilize it and relocate it somewhere far enough way so that the yearling female doesn't feel the urge to return here.
How far away?
"We're thinking Kittson County," Crookston Police Chief Tim Motherway told the Times. "The process is actively underway."
The moose that's hung around Crookston off and on since late winter was last seen over the weekend on the southern edge of town.
"I think this is the best outcome," Motherway said. "The moose is obviously used to being around people."
Motherway and DNR officials for months have stressed to Crookston residents that the young female, no matter how docile she may seem around people, is a wild animal and not a pet. Still, the moose has attracted an audience just about everywhere it's gone, and some people have even gone as far as too feed it.
Motherway has never ruled out putting the animal down if it was determined to be a public safety hazard.  Multiple attempts to get the moose to leave town, with officers making loud noises and following it closely with their squad cars, have worked over the past few weeks, but only temporarily, as the moose has always returned.
"If this goes as it should, it's the best thing for Crookston and it's the best thing for the moose," Motherway said.
Previously, the chief reported that DNR officials had said that similar efforts to tranquilize moose for the purposes of relocation fail about half the time, with the moose perishing in the process.
The state is covering the costs of the effort, Motherway said.

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  1. Awww! Moose are my favorite animals! I wish we had one in PA! Awwww. Thank you for the article! It sure was interesting to read!

    Blessings and hugs!

  2. I hope they can relocate her without harming her to an area that she likes away from your town, hoping for the best.


  3. I do hope the moose isn't harmed in anyway in the relocation process.

  4. AW! I hope all goes well for Katie.
    Your mom and dad's irises are beautiful. Such a deep, dark purple.
    Hugs :)

  5. Good luck to Katie the Moose on the attempt to relocate her.
    She will be better in the forest for when the cold winter comes where she can find shelter.


  6. Why do people always think they gotta make a pet out of a wild animal? Feeding her is the worse thing they could do--just makes her want to stay. City people!! Bah!!
    I sure hope she doesn't die from the tranquilizer dart--she will be much happier in the woods, She sure isn't going to find a bull Moose in town and she needs one--so she can be a momma next spring. Maybe she will bring her little Mooselette into town so everyone can see it? :-)

  7. Well it would be nice if Katie could be the Crookston Mascot but I understand the dilemma. I hope she relocates successfully.

  8. Morning, prey Katie makes it through ok, such a pretty girl.....Not many Moose left around here in Manitoba, Francine.

  9. I too hope they relocate her without harming her.

  10. Love moose too.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Woolie Hugs

  11. Sending good prayers for Katie...she looks like she's very much at home! But they can get mean so I see the need to be relocated quickly.