Friday, July 19, 2013

a Couple Buys..

Friday already again... its a bit cooler today, i hope it stays this way but.. i did hear that it is suppose to be the hottest day yet in some areas.
here are a couple buys! i ran to a sale yesterday and found these beautiful bowls.. 10.00. the biggest is 12 inches diameter and they are nice and heavy! how many bowls does one person need?... these will probably go to the shop, unless i hurry and find a perfect place here for them...

this is my new/old buy! it was the aunties of George the candy shoppe man.
she ran the shoppe when i was growing up and lived above the shop. she never married, had children or pets. so this set is in wonderful condition. i was so excited to get this... once Angie and i got it into the den wow... i didn't realize how "country" i had the den. sooo have been trying to tweak some... need to get the curtains down and eventually find some drapes..or not. i love the heavy drapes with these high ceilings. the den and breakfast nook are paneled and i have never painted but maybe should!.... anyway i love this old furniture in my old house!!

  Sadie girl likes it too!
  looking at this pic.. i need to move the dishes over a bit...
any advice on painting paneling or.... a color in-put please feel free!

enjoy your day!               jody


  1. what a great buy on those bowls! i love them! the furniture was probably hardly used.

  2. Great set of bowls, love the color of them. The furniture looks nice & it seems to be ok with Sadie!

  3. Paint the paneling. You will love it!

  4. Had to take a second look at Sadie she looked like my mung laying Blessings!~Amy

  5. If it were me, I'd paint the paneling a nice warm cream--it would be a nice background for the new/old furniture and brighten up the room a bit.

  6. Hi Jody, love those bowls, never have enough owls I say.....nice couch, looks great......I would paint the panel a nice Buttermilk color, lighten it up....Blessings Francine.

  7. A friend of mine painted the paneling in their house yellow. It was really pretty and brightened up the room.