Monday, July 29, 2013

Perfecting a recipe..

as if i don't have other things to do... i have been trying to perfect my crusty bread tomato/basil. this am after meeting Cindy girlfriend for COFE' i went and picked up some different tom/basil combinations.. pesto, bruseheta ect.. and will add and see.. maybe a bit Parmesan chz too...appreciate any input from you bakers out there! ya know how it is when you have other things to do, ya kinda do other things to not do the things you should do? that's me today..
Cindy and i went to a city wide sale on sat and had a blast so will show you a couple pictures.. i have found a couple places for a couple of the treasures but trying to get most of it to the shop...
daughter Angela worked at the quilt shop on Saturday so grandbabe and i went out to sister Janas for a few hours.. it was a perfect day at the lake. im not sure why angie works at the quilt shop cuz she always comes home with a project altho i am truely grateful she has taken up the interest of quilting/sewing! and very proud of her too!

the wood bowls were mine.. but going to shop. the rest i want to keep! but will be good.....

see... looks great in by back stair case!

my friend Carolines sale...

aren't these wonderful!! they are "Francois Carre vintage metal sunburst chairs"
i am trying not to move them any farther into the yard as.. they i know would look perfect in the garden.

 busy at the lake...
Tote, Angies working on..

Grandbabe #2 and I went for Cofe'...

 enjoy your day!!!              Jody


  1. Oh, Jody! I think I must take the prize for becoming involved in ONE project just to postpone becoming involved in what I REALLY should be doing.:-)

    It sounds like you have had some wonderful fun recently! I hope it continues through the coming week!

  2. Hi Jody, what fun, love all your buys, I think I would want to keep everything......Fun times at the lake, great pictures, Enjoy, Francine.

  3. Yeah, I bet it is hard to not keep everything! Good pictures!

  4. I seem to do that all the time, seems like I never really finish one before I start another. I love the red cup board and the drawers! get pieces all the way around, cute kiddos, love the expression on the blondie, how cute!

  5. Morning..
    Oh I would wanna keep it all.
    Love the shelves on the steps.
    And fun photo of granny boy.
    Woolie hugs

  6. wow such good finds! The lake looks great and so does a day with the grandbabe

  7. I want that trunk you are looking at!!!!!Makes a great coffee table with storage for all the afghans not used in the summer. I love old boxes, trunks--stuff like that.

  8. That bread looks so delicious! I'd love a loaf. Some really neat finds!