Tuesday, November 26, 2013

a Few Thanksgiving Preparations...

My Boys/family's wont be home and grandbabe #1 will be with his Dad soo Daughter Angie and I will be going over to mom and dads for moms home cooking! on thanksgiving. thought I'd get out a few things before the week is over...

my friend Shelly made this pilgrim girl for me...

a few gruley candles... i found one of grandmas (angel) when i moved in and

that started me watching for them here and there...

Jessie sent me a couple snap chats on Sunday...

i sent the lefsa grill with Angie down to Jason and Jess. mom had sent it to us while we were in Japan and we would share the Norwegian must with friends over there, that started a yearly tradition of Mark and the kids making lefsa. (moms recipe)

i was always the photographer so really haven't made it myself in years.. some years were quite interesting.. one time Mark had brought home bakery hats for everyone and had country music on quite loud... thank goodness for memories and now my children are starting some of there own! a lefsa grill will be a must for each of them!

i know Jason called mom to make sure he was doing things right...

Sister Jana doing ok but isn't suppose to really walk til wed.. they have Steve's side Christmas on thanksgiving, so son AJ and Ken were help-en out! Every year sister makes wreath cookies in memory of Steves mom who passed at a young age in her 50s...

it looks like they were having fun and not sure if the flour went into the cookies or on each other!

Enjoy your day! and holiday preparations!          Jody


  1. YUM! I think you have wonderful family traditions. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. it all sounds wonderful, I love the turkey ware!
    hope all your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    hugs and blessings!

  3. Sending Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you, Jody!

  4. I love your tray and your pilgrim. It sounds like you are going to have a lovely thanksgiving.

  5. The pilgrim girl and the wreath are so nice. It looks like everyone is having fun making lefsa. I always love to learn something new and I love traditions especially around the Holidays.