Monday, November 25, 2013

Another Cobbler Grandbabe...

Carol P and Husband have a BEAUTIFUL GRANDAUGHTER! look at her!!
Congratulations Cobbler Carol and Chuck!!

they didnt know if she was a she or a he and i think were caught off guard since we all seem to be having boys..except Joyce and Pat... this was as close to camouflage as they could find!

Daughter Angie worked all weekend so i stopped and brought the grandpups
here last thursday.. 
Olivers like whats up here Grandma?

 Whats back here Grandma?

I'm bored Grandma....

im not sure if Emma was missing them or afraid they were coming back...

 they tired her out....

Enjoy your monday my blogging friends!                    jody


  1. Well it looks like a big baby girl to me. What a bundle of cuteness and joy.
    Congratulations to the proud grandparents and the parents too.
    Oliver and Emma seems to be a little perturbed of the little visitor.

    Stay warm and safe. It's really cold here.

  2. Congratulations to them, she is a beautiful baby!
    I have actually seen Real Tree baby things in pink, the same company that makes mens' Real Tree hunting clothes, on line I would think that blew me away, I am too old I guess, never thought about little bitty babies in camo. just too cute!
    that Oliver, wow, bet he's a handful, and Emma just sweet as can be.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Grandma Jody!

  3. Congrats, sweet baby......Love Oliver and Emma, Blessings Francine.

  4. Congratulations to the new parents and grandparents! That is a precious baby!

  5. Congratulations to the family! So good of you to watch the grandpups.Happy Thanksgiving.Hugs,Jen

  6. Look at that nice big baby girl!!! Adorable!