Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday.. and not even 12 noon yet!

Daughter Angie and Grandbabe #1 are going to visit Jason and Jessie this weekend and..... its Grandbabe #1s-------8TH BIRTHDAY!! WHOO HOO!
Im sure uncle Jason and auntie Jess will make it a fun visit! i better get pictures!! sooo than means i am puppy sitting!! im going to try the pups here i think at my house.. so the kittys will find their hiding spo
ts and stay there! Its been awhile but i have lots to do and dont want them alone so much at their house. anyway i have been.....baking muffins to send with Angie,

cutting and playing with soap....

 and now to bake some crusty garlic cheeze bread!

while i was busy busy, Frisco was trying to read blogs!
( i've learned from my children to send snap chats...)

not sure whats in store for this afternoon.... nap maybe?

enjoy your day!                  jody


  1. Happy, happy birthday to grandbabe #1.
    What's a snap chat? I never heard of that.
    Your soap looks wonderful!
    Hugs :)

  2. Happy 8th Birthday to your grandson. How fast they grow. Frisco looks very serious with the laptop.

    The muffins looks so good and the soap looks like fudge. Makes me hungry for fudge but I think that I'll have to make some muffins.


  3. It sounds like somebody is going to have a fun-filled week-end! Save me some of that cheese bread!

  4. Happy 8th Birthday to your Grandson! Your kittys look as if they can talk... their faces so pensive! Sign me up for some of that garlic cheeze bread, please! :-)

  5. your busy as always. Happy birthday to grandbaby. and a nap sounds soo