Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tying Quilts...

at sister Janas house.. started out with pizza, salad and more. yum!

sister Janas quilt was 1st...

lots of helping hands....

Carol P. made a quilt for her boss at work..

Joyces quilt made with her scrub tops, 

she put a special blanket from her past in the middle

and the quilt will be going to her sister..

Auntie Pats grandson wore out the back of this quilt Pat 

had made him, so it got a new backing...

Carol Ps quilt, we tried to get sister Janas son Eric

to help but... at least he matches the colors in the quilt!

yes, that is my mother on the floor.. under the quilt....

sister Janas good looking man! didnt want to help either,

they were bonding out in the shop with all their deer....

with 4 sons they always have a busy house!

We missed you Auntie Mary!!

enjoy your day!                     jody


  1. Hi Jody, you have the best family fun and food, yummy.....Such beautiful quilts, wow, talented girls, Francine.

  2. I like the picture of your mom on the floor, too funny!

  3. This sounds like such fun! I congratulate your mom! I would have a very difficult time getting down on the floor under that quilt, and an even more difficult time getting up!

  4. wow, those were all wonderful quilts!
    love all the colors, and the food looks so good, it made me hungry!
    the picture of your mom is priceless!
    good for you all!

  5. Wow," many hands make light work" sure is true with your family. I love how your mom is still young for her age and chose to crawl under the table, but really I don't know how young she is. She looks young.

    That's a lot of quilts being worked on. You girls are amazing.

  6. My favorite place while great grandma, grandma and mother were quilting, was under the table. I'd be hard pressed to do it now--good for your Mom!!