Thursday, November 21, 2013

We call it Krub...

but i think the name really is KLUB. its a Norwegian food.
yesterday sister Jana had foot surgery, so mom and dad went out and sat with her for the afternoon. they actually were in the kitchen but were there if she needed them... she is doing good and is taking her pain pills like the Dr. ordered!
mom/dad made klub, jana and i were actually going to watch her so we could learn  but... i got there just in time to taste! and sister slept thru it...

 moms big challenge was cooking on a gas stove...

sister Jana stay right there in your chair! we will feed you
and give you pain pills!

yum! oh and thats a glob of butter....a must!
my soap is all cut and now drying so its on to something else!

enjoy your day my blogging friends! i love hearing from you and cant
wait to see what you are all up too! soon! its cold, windy and snowy up here so
just one more trip to the dump with leaves and i am done for the winter!



  1. What is this miraculous, healing Klub thingie?

  2. Oh poor Jenna, get well wishes and hope that Klub thingies helps, Francine.

  3. Poor sister,may her foot heal fast.Hope that the Klub helps.Hugs,Jen

  4. Speedy healing to sister Jenna. We have a similar food that we call Poutine Rape ( pronounced Raape) It's a french Acadian dish and they put a piece of pork or raisins in the centre and it's cooked the same way. They use grated and also mashed potatoes to make the round ball.
    I love it with a bit of brown sugar.

    Take care,

  5. I meant to say that your mom looks like a sweet heart. She always has that wonderful smile on her face.

  6. wait! no recipe? i need to know what this is??? your sister looks well taken care of!

  7. Sending healing thoughts to Jana! I've never heard of this before! Recipe, please.:-)