Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happy Birthday.....MOM!

Thanx for putting up with Dad! 
and the rest of us too!
we love you!!

Happy a couple days ago BIRTHDAY Auntie Mary!
we love you too!!

one more!
Happy Birthday Matt!
love you too!!

other than birthdays, this is whats going on....even in the dark.

enjoy your day!    jody


  1. Happy birthday to everyone! We actually have four December birthdays in the family! That is definitely a lot of snow!

  2. You keep it I don't want it... but it is suppose to hit us tomorrow. Good thing I have a lot of WIP to keep me busy.

  3. Happy birthday Everyone. That's a lot of snow. So beautiful but you can keep it. Ours is almost all gone and we are getting freezing rain tomorrow.
    I have to go to town to get my load of calf feed before the big messy weather.