Friday, January 24, 2014

Its Funny How

27 above 0 can seem like a heat wave and make everything seem a bit more tolerable! Emma the Corgi has been in and out most the morning keeping watch over the back yard. Chasing the birds and bunnys away... nice big snowflakes coming down slowly... its a nice day!

i have been working on eBay... its amazing all the little things we collect isnt it?
love selling even the little things! at least someone is getting something they want and im recycling!

yesterday was a soup day... beer cheese for lunch

and tortellini meatball for later!

Grandbabe #1 has 5 hockey games this weekend starting between that and a little outing i have planned (6 am) tomorrow... it will be a busy weekend!
stay safe and warm,
enjoy your weekend my blog friends!!      jody


  1. I want soup! Abby only goes out when absolutely necessary. The wind has been awful with the cold. Stay warm. Happy Selling!

  2. have a great time at the games!

  3. Hi Jody, yum yum, love soup on a freezing cold day......enjoy the games, Francine.

  4. it sure is perfect weather for soup! enjoy your warm is damn cold here!!!!

  5. Soups sounds perfect for our cold days . Sure enjoyed seeing your pics. Have a great time this weekend ! Hugs,Jen

  6. Soup is definitely the answer to a hungry stomach on a cold day. Yours looks yummy. Enjoy the games. It does looks like a busy weekend for you.

  7. It sounds like a busy time at your place! Our low temperature here this morning was four degrees! We may have a little snow by morning, but I am not holding my breath.:-)

  8. MMmmm that soup sure looks good!
    Cute Corgis in the snpw.
    Have a great weekend.

  9. I said the same thing today. 27 is a heat wave! I am glad to see it and that my heat pump can at least shut off for a while. Have fun at the Hockey games and enjoy your weekend

  10. Tortellini meatball soup sounds wonderful.