Monday, January 6, 2014

Staying in...

schools have been cancelled and its -25 / -50 with the wind chill.... i did some shoveling and running around the other day, mom and dad had this Tom/Jerry waiting for me!

i know Cindy Girl is thinking....i hope these guys aren't coming to visit!
they look like they could do some major chasing!

i made October Farms St. Louis Pizza! YUM!

Emma girl found some sun...

Frisco has the right idea..

enjoy your day and stay warm!                 jody


  1. Oh gosh that's severely brutal. We are 1* but no clue with the wind chills. The snow is blowing across the streets. Just now the sun came out and Abby is camping on the heater vents. Stay warm and cozy.

  2. Just like here Jody, Cooold!!!! What is Tom/Jerry? looks so yummy.....The pest do have the right idea, snooze away the day, Francine.

  3. it is cold here too! glad you liked the pizza!

  4. Hi Jody,
    Oh that Tom & Jerry looks awesome. We had them here at Christmas too.
    I love how sweet and cozy your fur babies look.

  5. We are having unusually cold temperatures here, too, but nothing like you are experiencing! It is definitely a keep warm kind of day!

  6. Enjoy your day with your furry friends!

  7. It looks like everyone has the right idea. I wish I had stayed in today what a mess.

  8. What sweeties.
    Stay warm.
    Its brrrr here too friend.
    Woolie Hugs