Friday, January 10, 2014

This and That..

First of all..... is this fair? Auntie Mary and Uncle Doodles are in California for a month!

they thought they'd get away from this!
i took Cindy Girl to the vet yesterday and boy was it windy!

and this is what the snow plow left me... my three walk ways and driveway looked like this.... geez

something FUN! i ordered the pin cushion from Heather over at i went to her etsy shoppe!
she added the prim little pillow keep! thank you so much Heather, i love them both!!

i stopped over at mom/dads for coffee or wait, i think it was a tom/jerry again...:)
they will soon be done with for the year as you can only buy the mix over the holidays unless you make it your self and mine never turns out. also its just kinda a fun holiday thing...or after shoveling....

 Sister Jana was there and was showing her finished wash cloth that mom had been helping her with..

She said she had a little hole but i didnt notice...
i think she was going to keep making them for some
gifts next year and before she forgets how to do it...

enjoy your day my blogging friends, i have a few eBay things to get out in the mail and then I'm going to visit a few of you! i sure like bloglovin/feedly it makes it so easy to NOT miss a post from you bloggers!!  i cant believe it took me over 2 years of blogging to realize there was such a thing..             jody


  1. Hopefully our "heat wave" is on the way! ~L


  2. You are always so busy Jody.
    Ouch on the block walkway. My neighbour has a small electric snow blower that she uses and it's so quiet but does a great job. I'll be glad when winter starts to go away. It was -23 C. or 9.4 F. here this morning and now it's -16 C. or 3.2 F.

    Lucky people to be sunning themselves in California. Maybe you can go next year to see what it's like. I'm longing for summer and seeing flowers and green grass and water that is't frozen, lol...

    Jana did a great job on that dish cloth. Very colorful.
    Take care,

  3. Stay warm. Outside is brutal, obviously by your photo! Turn up your heat and prop up your bare feet and think of Sunny California!

  4. We are having a heat wave, oh ya, -4 Yipee!!!!!!! Love your pincushion, sweet......Blessings Francine.

  5. "California Dreamin'"! Has us all wishing for summer! Stay safe and warm!

  6. I still haven't found it. I guess I don't know what tom and jerry is except cartoon. we are still cold we don't have the wind I am happy to say.

  7. Looks like the end of my driveway--darn snow plows!!! Right now we are enjoying 38 degrees, with rain and lots of fog from the snow melting. Briefly--as we are suppose to get 2 inches of new snow on Tuesday. I don't care--just glad the Polar Vortex has returned to the North Pole where it belongs!!!

  8. First of all, no. That is not fair. Bleck! I feel bad because I complained about -20 windchills. But, when you have to walk between buildings at school, woah Nellie! That was Tuesday. Saturday- 60 degrees. Yeah. Pennsylvania is weird.

    I hate that when plows do that! Then it is so cold it freezes as hard as a rock. Then you get a reminder from the post office that they can't deliver your mail (or anyone's in the development). Okay, that was a few years ago, but errrr, I can still sympathize!

    What is Tom/Jerry? I want to drink that after shoveling next time!Looks yummy!
    Thank you for posting about my keep! You are too sweet! My coffee grinder says, "Hi!" ;)

    Love and warm hugs, friend!

  9. I love your pincushion and tuck! She has the prettiest things in her shop! Stay warm my friend! Hope you can stay out of that wind! Warm hugs!