Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February Birthdays....

Last night i met with 3 of my high school friends, we all have our birthdays in February. Always fun to catch up, share pictures of children, grandchildren and our fur babies!
my friend Kathy sitting in front of me, is the cake maker. Besides teaching nursing students she makes all kinds of cakes! wedding, birthday etc... YUM! I did just have a piece for breakfast! perfect with that cup of coffee!

Becky sitting across from me brought this for me, she said she thought of me when she saw it.
 i already have a spot in mind...

I'm not a big pasta eater but for some reason it sounded so good and it was!
 Angel Hair Pasta with Salmon, Artichoke Hearts and Capers!

it was a nice night out and we drew names for our next year celebration!
we just may get together before then! ya never know....

enjoy your day my Blog friends! i will be by soon to check on all of you!         jody

oh! thought id tell you we are having a heat wave! must of been in the 30s yesterday
as major melting going on and today will be nice too, but back down to the below 0 mark after today...
yesterday i was leaving to run errends and here was Auntie Mary shoveling my ramp for me.. i was so
tired from all the shoveling the day before i just trampled thru the snow.. soo i made us Tea! thank you
Auntie! So nice to have you back here out of that awful California weather!      love you!


  1. what fun! looks like you girls ad lots of fun!

  2. What a wonderful way to spend your Birthday!!
    We are also having a heat wave.
    So happy the snow is melting.
    Woolie hugs to you friend

  3. Happy Birthday! Nothing better than sharing it with old friends and good food! Amy

  4. Jody,
    It must be wonderful to have such wonderful friends that have been n your life that all.
    That is a TRUE gift "Friendship" "PRICELESS!

    Big Hugs,
    Tricia XO

  5. What an enjoyable evening with friends! Hope the melting doesn't cause any problems with flooding.