Monday, February 24, 2014

Grannys Puppy Day Care...and a Birthday!

Sooo Friday, Oliver and Koa went home and Sadie came to stay a bit while Jeff/Tonya move into their house.
Emma gets along well with the small dogs but she sure doesn't like Oliver.. i think its his size. she actually didn't always get along with Sally Girl either..shes a cranky little corgi! Emma kept stealing Olivers Toy and Oliver stood and barked at her but that's as close as he would get.


Today is My Daughter in Law Jessicas Birthday! Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

Jason sent me this picture ...they got 18 more inches of snow in Duluth.

they will be home soon for a baby shower, can't wait to see the baby belly! altho i do
get update pictures every week or so...

next post show and tell!
the Cobblers are coming on Wednesday, i have been planning the menu...

enjoy your day!               jody


  1. Hi Jody,
    So nice to see those fur babies so cuddly and staying warm at Grandma's! Thank you so much for your pattern order today and your sweet visit to my blog! I know I have a lot of blogs to catch up on also! Even with all this snow and rough winter it is flying by isn't it!! Have fun with the Cobblers Wed! Wish I lived closer I'd crash your party!! LOL!!
    Cathy G

  2. Happy Birthday Jessica. There seems to be a lot of birthdays this winter. The more the merrier...We had our share of snow, 3 big storms in a week but the weather has been warm this week and the snow has melted a little bit.
    It looks like dog and cat heaven at grandma. What cute pictures of the expectant parents and the fur babies too.

  3. you have had a full house. congrats on the new baby coming always good things happening at your house.

  4. do grams get paid for pup sitting?
    tease, yours always look like pose, there's the camera!
    love the pics,
    the kids look so sweet together
    happy for the new arrival that coming your way!

  5. Sending happy birthday wishes! Is the snow ever going to stop?!? I'm sure you are wondering that about now!

  6. What fun to babysit grand furbabies. We have 2 small poodles and the oldest is 15 now and went through alot last July but we still have him Praise the Lord.
    Your son and his wife are a beautiful looking couple.
    Congrats on a new addition to the family a baby.
    I hope you take lots of pictures at the baby shower!!!!!
    Tricia XO

  7. Did you ever think one day you'd be running a doggie day care? Perhaps Emma is intimidated by the BIG doggies. :o) I think Summer must be the favorite season of all Minnesotans!!!