Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Cobblers Were Here...

but due to the extreme cold and wind, Auntie Mary and Carol didn't come in from the lake. We missed you!! But i tried to take lots of pictures for you!

for the table i used...  Grandmas restaurant-ware dishes she had out the lake cabin which i use daily.
and the flowers i had gotten for valentines day from my children.
 i tried a couple new recipes..
Dill Pickle-Potato soup and Buffalo Chicken Sliders
Which, i would make again! YUM! Both past the Cobbler Test! and Daughter Angie,
who came to eat with us before going to play volleyball!

 Auntie Pat brought her famous pickled beets and i
get the left overs Carol!
 some show and tell!
sister Jana was finishing up on a table runner for a friend!

Joyce was binding her quilt shed made with her scrub tops from work..

Carol P showed off her grandbabes...

and her quilt top she just finished!! love it! great pattern and colors!

Auntie Pat looked thru some of my quit books id gotten from Stephanie and Mary...

and showed us her lates Jean Quilts!! shes said shes been sewing thru February..
Auntie Pat brought me this for my birthday...Thank You!

So as usual we had nice time with food fun and laughter! sure helps with the winter mood!
Thank You cobblers, i know the weather will be nice next time we meet! and we can all be together!!

Enjoy Your Day My Blogging Friends and Thank You for all your nice comments when you stop by!!



  1. i love the cobbler meetings. they always look like so much fun! i also love dill pickle potato soup!

  2. SO much fun and yummy food.
    Woolie Hugs
    Your Friend (the wanna be cobbler)

  3. It sounds like a good time was had by all! Good time to show off grandbabe pictures! I'd join the group doing that.:-)

  4. Great food, great company, and great crafting. Those quilts you all make are amazing!

  5. Family rocks, always fun times....Blessings Francine.

  6. great post!
    dill pickle?? potato soup????

  7. Carol's quilt top is beautiful, isn't it? I like the jeans quilt too. Such talent with you Cobblers!