Monday, April 14, 2014

Cobbler Carol.....

E-mailed me and told me it was time to update! Thanx Carol for checking on me!!
Well lets see... I dropped my phone and shattered the screen! Dang it! So my computer guy is replacing the screen, thank you Will! i will have it back tomorrow.. so im getting rid of my cute cheap cases and sticking with a heavy duty case... lesson learned!

I made Flat bread this time and topped it with roasted tomatoes and artichokes... yum!

Big hockey Game this past weekend.. Minnesota against North Dakota! we won!
but lost the national championship.

The ice went off down the river, another sign of spring! It gets going fast and loud..
goodbye for another year!
Went to a sale and got 2 wool blankets and a quilt top for 1.00 each..
love love the red one and its in perfect shape!

This little sweetie likes to be up during the night like her grandma!
shes gained almost 2 lbs already and they will be home this weekend,
her great grandparents are anxious to hold her!

Enjoy the rest of your day my blog friends! and Carol!                        Jody


  1. Oh my, that baby is just too precious. I've never seen a new born with such a smiling face. Adorable....
    Your flat bread with topping looks delicious.I love flat bread.

    So sorry about your smart phone. Sometimes you loose ... but you sure won on those wool blankets and quilt top.

    The St John River in front of our house is opened in the middle and the water level is rising little by little. Lots of ice still on the river. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we won't flood this year. It's such a huge worry ever year wether we have to move our cattle to another farm.


  2. LOL! Love the little one,she is precious! Sorry about the phone,I for one have lost messed my phone up more times than I care to think about.Sweet find on the blankets,the red is a beautiful one.Glad the ice is melting and Spring is finally finding you.Have a wonderful evening.Blessings,Jen

  3. That baby is darling! great finds on the Quilts. we too have lost the ice on the river but the lake is still solid.

  4. Well Spring is here but we awoke to snow after 80* on Sunday. You always find great stuff. That red wool is yummy. I love baby pictures. She's so darn adorable. Waiting for my niece to have baby #3 very soon.

  5. Morning Jody, well still winter here too......what a darling baby, so cute.....Happy Easter, Francine.

  6. It's about time you got back on here!!! How can a baby that young know how to smile like that? Isn't see just adorable--would like to make many kisses on those pooh-cheekies!!

  7. Sweet sweet little baby all bundled up and loved! It's nice to hear from you....lots going on for you this Spring! I sure love that flat bread yummy...and that amazing quilt you bought! Happy Spring my friend! Hugs!

  8. Yes, my goodness, such a precious baby!

    Love the quilt top too. Are you going to put a back on or leave it. I've only made one quilt in my life, and that was when I was 12 and then my grandmother finished it for me. :)

  9. I dropped my phone about a year ago and broke the screen. Not as bad as yours though. I lived with it until a month or so ago and then it burned up and I had to get another one! Cute little baby!

  10. What an adorable little baby! We bought a "non-cute" case for the iPod and haven't been sorry since! Didn't like to spend the money, but it has certainly been worth it!