Friday, April 4, 2014

Emma the Corgi...

and i took a road trip to the vet, daughter Angie had noticed she was drinking alot of water while i was in Duluth. Shes also been piddling here and there which isn't like her...

well, a few pounds over weight... like the rest of us.

now for the blood work.... its ok Emma girl.

oh shoot! blood sugar way to high at 445...

so here we go... hopefully soon you will feel better Emma Girl!

any advice from my blogging friends on what to watch for etc. is appreciated!

enjoy your day!        jody


  1. Oh dear. Abby gained weight and then started losing patches of hair. Her blood work revealed a thyroid problem. She's on pills...thank goodness no needles. Abby wags her tail in solidarity to Emma.

  2. oh poor emma! i hope she feels better soon.

  3. I had a full blooded rat terrier that I gave two shots a day for her diabetes. You can tell when her sugar is out of whack because they will drink more and their urine is real yellow. I will praying for you.

  4. I don't know! The only diabetic I have known was Fred...and he gave himself his own shots. I don't know how you can do it--I would freak out!!! Hope you caught it in time to help her kidneys!!!

  5. Hi Jody,
    Our Smokey dog is diabetic and gets insulin shots twice a day. There is really not an easy way to check the blood sugar levels each day on animals yourself at home. It has been four years since we discovered he was diabetic just like you did with Emma. Feeding time is important... and regular times getting the shots is crucial. Smokey knows he gets a small favorite treat right after his shot so doesn't protest at all. Of course he is a very good dog! Will be happy to answer any questions you might have Jody. Your vet will probably do a curve blood sugar testing where they draw blood every few hours for one day and see when the blood sugar level is the highest to determine the amount of insulin. It all seems scary at first but always relax as dogs really sense your anxiety. Prayers and wishes for good days ahead for you both! She is such a sweetie and her owner is the best!!
    Cathy G

  6. Bless your heart Emma, get to feeling better!