Wednesday, April 2, 2014


its been snowing.... 14 more inches to be exact. so yesterday was spent doing snow removal.

i tried a new recipe for lavash cracker bread...

and had to make do with toppings as was storming out...
made a garlic aioli added some sun dried tomatoes, basil, crack pepper bacon and cheese.
i think a veggie one would be great too with atsiago, provolone or havarti cheese....

i ordered some rice crackers i had been looking for from Japan... love the internet.
they taste better than what i remember!

today the sun is shining and we are expecting temps in the 50s this weekend
i just saw on the news that Duluth is expecting a snow storm now.... and they have
tons more snow than us already.... spring? summer? or will we be skipping it this year?

enjoy your day my blogging friends!                  jody


  1. oh no...more snow? it was 80 degrees here yesterday. way too hot for this early. your lavash looks so good!

  2. I'll be over for lavosh! YUM! Oh my goodness. We were 76* yesterday. Mother Nature just isn't being fair this year. Last year was so warm early (no snow) that everything bloomed weeks ahead of schedule. Perhaps you'll get to enjoy you Summer into November!

  3. your cracker bead looks good now is it like a cracker so when you would eat it with the toppings is would be crumbly?
    so sorry about the snow thank the good Lord we have had a couple of sunny warm 50's days or I would have to get on a plane to some where nice and warm

  4. Us Trolls (under the Bridge) Michiganders are missing all that nice weather coming across the U.P. from Minnesota and Wisconsin. 58 and sunny here today. Ah-hh

  5. yummy yummy yummy!
    oh no more snow..
    hopefully spring will be there soon.
    woolie hugs to you friend ;0)

  6. The food looks so good...
    The snow storms not so much...
    We are buried in snow this year too. The weather had warmed up some.