Monday, June 2, 2014

A Bloom and a ...

weed. this is my first perennial bloom of the summer.. we are a good 3 weeks behind up here this year. its been raining for days now again so once the suns out i bet there will be more blooms poppen out.

Auntie Mary stopped by last week, she loves stacking rocks...

 grandbabe #1 was busy catching fish..
grandbabe #2 had his last day of kindergarten.
and grandbabe #3 has hit 10 lbs and just as cute as ever...

Enjoy your day my blogging friends!                 jody


  1. Pretty flowers and very cute grandkids!

  2. After a gorgeous weekend here I think we're now getting your rain. Such a pretty garden. Adorable grand kiddies!

  3. Hi Jody, love the flowers, so pretty. Your Grandkids are adorable, blessings Francine.

  4. I love how you caged those flowers and no one will go hungry with that boy around. Would you look at that fish.... I bet he was some proud of his catch, I'd be.......

    Oh my... that baby is some cute.

    Take care and enjoy what is left of the day.

    Auntie Mary is a great stacker, cheap but effective garden decoration...

  5. Great fisherman you have there! Yay for kindergarten being over for the year! What a precious little one!

    Auntie Mary has done a most attractive rock stacking!

  6. What a beautiful post.
    Filled with love.
    I love fishing myself. :)
    Woolie Hugs

  7. I love the pictures of the Grand Babes. I want to adopt that fisherman!!! It is suppose to be a very cool thing to stacks rocks--I have seen people do it along the Lake. The only time I ever stacked rocks was when we took them off the farm fields and put them in a pile! Back breaking work.

  8. Hi Jody - sweet post.
    We are terribly behind as well - I went to the garden center to buy some pansies and they were sold out!!! I know some people probably bought them and kept them under better conditions till they could plant them than I have so I missed out.
    Cute pictures of all the grands! We have a kindergartner graduating this year too.