Monday, June 30, 2014

Luke and Heidi

Sister Janas son Luke and Wife Heidi were home for a visit. They are expecting a little bundle of joy in October. They aren't going to find out if its a boy or girl so she made 2 quilts, one for a boy and one for a girl. Thought I would share pictures of them... She had them machine quilted by local gal and had just picked them up.

Grandbabe #1 and his daddy are were putting up a pool....

ohhh i bet that waters cold!

Grandbabe #2 was in a cowboy thing at the county fair...

and Grandbabe #3 is about ready to roll over! and chewing on her hands!

oh and Cindy girlfriend and I came home with another truck load... inside and out!

Enjoy your day!             Jody


  1. Oh--I do love that blue/purple/pink quilt!!! Grand Boys are cute as can be, but oh--that Grand Girl! What a precious child!!!

  2. Fun quilts. One of each is a great way to be ready! I got to meet my great-nephew, Frankie. He's just adorable. My kids informed me I'll have grand-animals!