Monday, July 7, 2014

Another 4th behind us...

we had a nice long weekend starting with our annual get-together at Auntie Marys/Uncle Doodles. Even thou it was almost unbearably windy we all had a nice time. Thank you Auntie and Uncle!
it started with a beautiful 40 minute drive there....

 Lots of great food! i love pot - lucks!

and then there was lots of playing....

 Cobbler Beths #1 son found a dead minnow!

Daughter Angie, me and moms hands together...

Uncle Doodles...

 A bit of Aunties Decorating....

 Mine and Sister Janas grandbabes a month apart..
so cute mine grabbed her cousins hand!

and then we did a bunch of this the rest of the weekend!

***so now the start of another week, my father has his rescheduled surgery tomorrow and a couple other family health issues have come up so please will you send good thoughts and prayers our way?!

enjoy your day!                    Jody


  1. What a wonderful week-end you had! Sending my thoughts and prayers along for your family. Hugs!

  2. I will say a quick prayer for your daddy after this e-mail..Good to see you have such a loving family and 4th of july too. Since my hubs worked for over 40 years in the retail grocery business we only got to see the fireworks a few times, we loved Colorado a tiny town called Lyons it flooded a few years back a 100 year flood some towns people lost their lives, all the time we lived in Colorado they had two big floods which we happened to avoid by hours, oh, my goodness sakes, out here in the pacific northwest it rains so much moss grows all year long, the beaches are lovely, cold almost all the time and damp, dungenss crabs grow, razor and geoduck clams, fish of every sort, but it is windy and dangerous to go out in the ocean..brrr...happy july, love your blog!

  3. A lovely and supportive family! Tons of good thoughts headed your way -- best wishes to your dad.