Monday, July 21, 2014

Hot and Humid Weekend...

The kids and their babes were all out at different lakes and had a nice time. I stayed home and caught up both inside and out. i don't mind the hot humid weather as long as i have air to go into... the grass, gardens and flowers are flourishing in the heat.
this is a picture of something a friend of mine just did, perfect place to relax on a summer day!

at the lake!

i was looking thru a few blogs while cooling off....
Koa wake up and look at Abby at Stephanie's Blog Rummage!

wake up and look at the fur babes at Our Forest Haven
he missed it all....i guess i worked him to hard.

I saw this on face book and thought it was too cute!

reminded me of this......

Thank you for all your thoughts, prayers and comments for Dad and Baby!
Both are doing recovering well!! sister Jana has her G-babe for 3 days as her
mum is going back to work today so hopefully i will get out there for some smooches!

Enjoy your day!!                           jody


  1. Oh I could use that swinging bed just about now. I've been mowing all day and came in for a break before barn chores. It somehow looks very appealing to me.

    Gorgeous grandbabies photos.

  2. :o) Koa is a funny doggie. Glad to hear things are going well for your Dad and the baby. Hopefully the relaxing time at the lake eased the stress and tension. Love that swinging bed.

  3. If I had that bed, I would sleep out in it at night!
    I used to like to sleep all night in my hammock.

  4. Wouldn't that be neat to have a bed like that! Cute pictures!

  5. Sounds like a lovely week-end. Glad to hear progress report on your dad and the baby.

  6. Great family pictures!
    Hugs :)