Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Surgery went well...

Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers! Dad tolerated the surgery well and now for recovery! He had a good night with mom and sister Jana there with him. Daughter Angie and I are heading over there soon!

While waiting for the surgery to start etc.. I saw on face book an update from a local thrift shop ( surprise right) anyway called and had them hold this for me! 45.00

So when i went to pick it up i found a couple more treasures.. The tea pot is fun has a brown cozy!

Enjoy your day my blog friends!

**my cord to transfer pictures broke.. I have the worse time with these phone cords, so posting from my phone .. Pictures blurry

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  1. Best Wishes to your dad for a swift and complete recovery!

  2. We'll wishes for your Father Jody as always, great finds, Blessings Francine.

  3. So glad the surgery is over and now I wish your dad a quick recovery.
    Nice finds.
    We are still without power from Hurricane Arthur and I don't always have wifi available.

    Take care .

  4. So glad your dad is on the mend. And good for you with the great finds! I have one of those tea pots they were give aways from lipton.

  5. Prayers for a quick recovery! ~Amy

  6. Praying for you dad Jody! Nice finds at the thrift store. Gotta love that.
    Have a great weekend
    Be blessed,