Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wedding Shopping...

Daughter Angie and I went shopping for pre-wedding/ wedding clothes as we leave tomorrow for 
Jeff and Tonyas out door wedding and Tonya will officially be my daughter in law!!
I hate MALLS and SHOPPING!......

Happened to look down at my feet and notice this.... geez.

needed this after shopping! needed 2 or 3 Caesers, but just had the 1...

 Mom was out cutting her front hedge when i stopped by...

so glad they humor me...

Dads doing real well just frustrated because hes so weak and tired
he had an appt on monday..

moms been practicing Emma girls insulin shots as she and dad will be fur-babe sitting
while we all head to Jeff/Tonyas big wedding day!

Grandbabe was over while his mom had meetings so played outside with the
neighbor boys...summer fun! Italian Sodas and a bean toss game that cobbler Pat and
uncle Jack made me a few years back. Uncle Jack is back in the hospital so thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery...

Enjoy your day!                         jody


  1. Loving the socks Jody, cute...your Mom is a hoot, love her and glad your Dad is recovering, Hugs Francine.

  2. Lol, I've done that with shoes before! Love the picture of your mom being silly!

  3. Went to the orthopeadic surgeon for a check-up after hip surgery. He took off my shoes to check the rotation of my foot, I looked down--one navy and one black sock. He laughed and said, "Happens to me all the time." I too HATE malls and shopping!

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